Thursday, 28 April 2011

Looking for a Cheap and Chic interior finishing for your walls?

Before coming to Qatar, my room was one of my favourite places in the house, It was simply fabulous, the most outstanding thing was my beloved wallpaper, yes my wallpaper, It was dark purple background with giant flowers, dark grey colour amazingly bright; well, was just perfect!, almost three years later I had to move and:

1. - It cost me around 500 USD, which is 1825 QAR

2. - I could not bring it with me; of course!
3. - I had to pay, to remove it

definitely my money went straight to the trash.

I have been in Qatar for few months and I did not know what to do with the huge white wall in my room; and I know if we are talking about interior finishing for walls, Wallpaper is the best idea; but, as we all know, in our rented houses, we have to ask for permission to paint or hang things on the walls or any change in the house, a bit annoying, isn’t?

But guess what? My best friend Zita is an artist and She made spectacular wallpaper with stickers, and here it is!

This wallpaper is so chic, modern, so energizing and made by stickers, you cannot believe it, Can you? It took her about 5 hours to do this wonderful piece of art and her current rate is 120 QAR per hour; so, for my wallpaper was only 600 QAR, 67% less than my previous, and you can do this modification without having problems with the homeowner, because you can easily remove it whenever you want.

 Need help decorating your baby's room or your child’s room, or you just want to add a fine touch to your home, contact her, email: mob: 66554112

So, talking about Cheap and Chic...Chic? Of course, just fabulous! Can you imagine my room without it? And Cheap? Oh yeah! 67% less, is definitely a gift.

Enjoy Shopping!

Dalia Piñeiro xx


  1. Bienvenida a mi blog querida...and Yes!, my friend is the best, She did an amazing job with my huge, white and empty walls.

  2. where did you get your lamps from? They are fab, and I am looking for something like that...

  3. Hi Sakala, Welcome to my blog!

    They are Fabulous! I got them from BoConcept @ City Center.