Thursday, 31 March 2011

Looking for a Cheap and Chic Ballet Flats?

Dropping off and picking up my boys everyday at school, turned out in a very difficult journey, oh no, no, no! Because of my kids, I am talking about wearing heels everyday, and then I asked my self, why don’t you just get ballerina flats?

Then, I thought, they are not so chic and I was totally wrong, you can find in the market a wide range of ballet flats and all the best designers have them, of course they are chic, but not cheap, for example:

LV Debbie ballerina flat  1893 QAR (465 USD)
Louis vuitton (e-shopping)

LV Lovely ballerina flat  1950 QAR (535 USD)
Louis vuitton (e-shopping)

Moschino  Ballet Flats 2170 QAR (595 USD) 
Moschino (Footwear)

Roberto Cavalli Ballet flats 1950 QAR (535 USD)
Roberto Cavalli (Footwear)

Tod’s 1911 QAR (525 USD)

Well, due to I was still looking for a Cheap and Chic ballerina flats, and all these prices were too high, that made me wonder, why do they have to be so expensive? I need to find the way to get them for less, and .........I just applied this…


1.- Go to the luxury shops just when they are in sale.

2.- Wait for the last day on sale, I am sure they will rebate even half of the sale price compare to the first day.

3.- Try to look at the kids section, kids shoes are definitely cheaper than the adult shoes.

Well well well, look what a I have got………

Ta tan!, a Roberto Cavalli (Angels collection) girl Ballet flats for only  320 QAR (88 USD) can you believe it? 6 times less OMG this is a lot! and here they are:

Aren't they cute?

And if you are very lucky and they still have your size, you can come back home with this gorgeous thick high heels by AJ, I can wear them everyday with dresses or jeans, for just 310 QAR (85 USD)

They are confortable, Chic and Cheap, of course!
Great deal, don't you think so?

Enjoy your shopping!  

Dalia xx


  1. ... And where did you buy the cheap ones querida? Xxx Zita

  2. At Blue Salon amiga, I'll let you know when they have another sale

  3. Absolutely! You have to take me with you, then we would get an even bigger discount:-)