Friday, 23 September 2011

What I bought from BVLGARI?

Maybe you are wondering what I have got from BVLGARI after all, how I used my American Express gift card and I will tell you the truth.  First, I went to BVLGARI thinking about the matching earrings for my B.ZERO 1 ring, I tried them and I looked fantastic by the way, “but” I supposed to use it wisely, because what is the point about Cheap and Chic if I am going to spend more than QAR 5000 to use my QAR 500 gift card, then I calmed down and I said I should go for something cheaper like a wallet, or sunglasses, OH NO!  Maybe a scarf will be better, after 1 hour trying everything I saw in the shop; suddenly something came to my mind saying stop being “selfish” and buy something for your lovely husband, OMG he was there waiting for me all this time, saying “Yes you look gorgeous!”

Then I realized that was the perfect way to use my BVLGARI gift card, I went through the ties (all of them were really chic), belts, wallet, cufflinks and finally I found the right present for him THIS!

A “SCRIPTA VOLANT” rollerball pen in sterling silver with black cotton resin. It was just perfect, this Writing Instrument as BVLGARI calls it; is precious, sophisticated and this accessory will give my adorable husband a touch of style and elegance every day… and of course will make him think of me every time he uses it  “WISE” I think I am “Best wife nominee” not selfish at all J

So, talking about  ... Cheap and Chic ... Chic? OH Yeah! BVLGARI is and will be Sophisticated, Distinguished, Elegant, Stylish, and Exclusive forever... and cheap? Well this time I have got 40% discount thanks to American Express, I can’t wait for the next gift J

Enjoy Shopping,

Dalia Piñeiro

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