Sunday, 8 January 2012

Katara the best destination in DOHA

This time I want to talk about Katara - The Cultural Village, because is doing an remarkable job, providing a platform for aspirant artists and musicians and trying to help the Qatari community to understand the important role that culture can play in peace, dialogue and tolerance between different cultures.

Katara’s mission is to help Doha to become the capital of Arab culture in line with the guidelines of the Qatar National Vision 2030; to make this happen Katara is working so hard producing the significant events to promote understanding of cultural diversity; according to Marcio Barbosa (Katara General Manager) this will help us to naturally became more patient, tolerant, ready include, talk, cooperate, negotiate and do not to fight. The changes have started, taking place in the mentality of the people, especially the youth, who has shown a lot of enthusiasm and interest to learn about the history, culture, traditions, heritage and music.

Katara's dream is to demonstrate that art is an endorsing career and can be treat it as a profession; Qatar has a huge talent and the artists don’t believe in themselves, the artists should be proud of their talent, and here is where Katara will play the master role creating a platform for all of them and also for those who are interested in learning (painting, pottery, ceramics, etc.) Interesting!!!!

Katara is doing its job very well, and we have seen the results, 2011 was a year full of developments and accomplishments:

We have had the opportunity to see very special artists with a mission, with a heart that are committed to help Mario Barbosa to achieve Qatar’s goals; like acclaimed photographers like Bryan Peterson, presenting photography exhibition and lectures to inspire local amateurs.

*  The second year of the Doha Tribeca Film Festival was a great success and completed with the premier of Black gold a film produced by Tarak Ben Ammar Chairman of Quinta Communications and co-produced by Doha Film Institute.

*  The Opera house, has a concert every 2 weeks and soon every week.

* The music academy is done! More than 100 kids are learning how to play different instruments. The academy is for all the kids living in Qatar (All nationalities). There are also plans to create and Ballet academy in the future.

* Katara started the music information process with Spain, organizing a Flamenco show; but it wasn’t just an entertaining show, was shown how Flamenco changed over the time and how Arabs influenced the Flamenco when they went and stayed in Andalucía (Andalusian Arabic)

1st day, pure flamenco 15 century dancing by the Christian
2nd day, Flamenco influenced by the Gypsies.
3rd day, Flamenco influenced by the Arabs.

The Spanish invaded South America, That’s why Katara brought....

* The Latino American festival and showed the roots, similarities and differences between each Latino american nations and the influence of others cultures from Europe, Africa and Middle east.

* The grand opening of the open-air Katara Amphitheatre on the 10th Oct, Glorious composer Vangelis delighted the audience with exquisite symphonies. The concert brought together the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, Moscow's Yurlov State Academic Choir, and the majestic presence of the most glamorous and gifted opera singer Angela Gheorghiu and her husband, "tenorissimo" Roberto Alagna.

Katara promises to have many others festivals to show what exist; to bring this knowledge to Qatar, having more of this kind of festivals like Asian, Africans, etc. Currently is planning to organize a Ballet festival in the future, including workshops with the dancers, and so many others events, stay tune for more, Katara just started!

Check out Katara's upcoming events here

So, talking about ... Cheap and Chic ... Chic? Outstanding! ... and cheap? Definitely priceless!

Do not miss it!

Dalia Piñeiro

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