Sunday, 10 April 2011

Going to the dentist is not longer a nightmare

After a very disappointing experience with the previous dentist who was treating my son, I was completely desperate to find a new dentist, He needed about 7 teeth to be repaired and the previous dentist recommend general anaesthesia to do the work in one way, What? General anaesthesia for major operations only, not to repair a healthy five years old child's teeth, please! Finally after some days of searching, one of my best friends told me about a Venezuelan dentist who was working for Queen Medical at Villagio Mall; OMG For me? That was perfect!

I went to the clinic and could not believe what I saw, not just a dental clinic, I found an oasis in the desert, when I opened the door, I thought I was in a hotel, the decoration and furnishings were very stylish, everything was spotless (very important), very friendly staff, Dr. Mamdouh Farid (Director) came to welcome us and asked us if we needed any help, Ok! All this things really made me feel like in a five star place, well for the first impression they did very well, but my question was about the specialists, of course the most important thing. 

First I met with Dr. Walid Man the famous Venezuelan dentist, who did a great job taking care of the emergency situation of my son, but at the end of the consultation he referred him to Dr. Omran because he is the specialist for children, Wow!, for me it was the perfect signal of teamwork, they met and discussed the case of my son and immediately I got the next appointment, as their slogan says "Your health is important to us" and I really believe them, after a few weeks the treatment is almost done, and without general anaesthesia, Dr. Omran has done an excellent job and my son really trusts him, just perfect!

 Well, in addition to excellent dental specialists, I also found that they have a dermatology and cosmetology services, such: anti-aging treatments, spots, skin lesions, cellulite, hair removal, with laser technology, a program for weight loss, Gym, among other services.

If you want to know more about the cosmetic area visit: Queen Medical Health and Beauty
Also soon they will provide the following services:
General Medicine - Surgery
Gynaecology and obstetric - Laboratory


Now everything sounds good but talking about money, How much is going to cost me? is it cheap? Well, I can tell you is definitely cheaper than the other clinic, for dental care I got 20% discount for being member of the Latino community, and I am sure that other communities also enjoy of this benefit and the best thing is for the next few months they will give us up to 50% discount on cosmetic treatments or complementary treatments if they consists of several sessions, I can not wait to start, soon I'll let you know all about my anti-cellulite treatment.

Do not miss it! 

Dalia xx


  1. Ohh, the clinic that you found has this royal feel, and it kinda makes patients feel a lot more comfy than usual dental clinics.

  2. Hi Vernell, Welcome to so, Cheap and Chic! this clinic is so amazing, and they are getting even better, they also have an active cosmetology department and soon will have a plastic surgery unit.