Monday, 18 April 2011

Looking for the perfect gift?

For yourself or your best friend….

Travelling around the world has made me learn and keep the best of each culture. I have always been attracted to the Art and crafts that characterize the places I have visited, such as a Chinese Cabinet (Classic Ming style), Thai musicians, African masks or just a painting, I bring them with me wherever I go, always remembering me the history behind them.

Well, I can tell you that I've never been in Turkey, but I have met amazing people from there, and last week I learned a lot of their culture through their art, yes! Right here in Qatar.

Hiref; Turkish Home accessories Brand opened its doors on April 14th at the Pearl, with a party full of elegance and tradition.

Fascinated with the store and all the pieces exhibited, of course, I fell in love with some of them. Who better than the designer Ebru Cerezci to talk about her artwork, I was delighted with her passion and truly heart, when she described each piece, which made me even more in love with them, for their history.

My favourites:

The Motif Collection

The Abdan Collection (Circle Gold) the water bottle is made of glass, totally unique and functional, the wooden lid is pure Kastamonu style.

Hands with "Evil eye" to ward off negative energies, is the perfect gift to bless and protect your home.

The masterpiece made it exclusively for Qatar (only 11 pieces) and I loved more was the replica of the traditional Kaftan (Gold plated and Swarovski crystal), a widely used piece of clothing during the Ottoman Empire. Just gorgeous!

But speaking of Cheap and Chic, prices are for all tastes and budgets, affordable prices, from 300 QAR, 400 QAR, 700 QAR, 2000 QAR, to 35,000 QAR for the Kaftan, as I told you, for all tastes.

Art, Tradition, Culture, Techniques, Design, and more…. all in one piece.

Enjoy your shopping!

Dalia xx

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