Monday, 9 May 2011

Looking for the best designers in Doha? (Trunk Show)

Well, apparently these last weeks have been all about fashion in Doha! After attending the Vera Wang Charity Fashion show, the VCUQ fashion Show, and Madame fashion Show, On Friday, I attended the Common Thread and Dados spa event “TRUNK SHOW” that presented the best of clothing, painting, jewellery, accessories and much more; the brilliant work of many designers to their distinguished guests.

Joanna Milasziu Dallimore

Her collection of Clutch Bags is gorgeous; I could not wait to get one of them.
I decided to put my little hands on this original design; I will definitely stand out; don’t you think so?

What a lovely collection, I really enjoy meeting other artists; it is so inspiring. She takes her inspiration from the Art Nouveau movement as well as from her surroundings, specifically flora and fauna.

 * Lorea Fashion 
 She showed us her lovely collection, is fresh, fun, colourful, fabulous!

DERAKHSHAN Jewelry & Accessories
 Showing their wide collection of handmade jewelry from Iran


  Represent CHLOBO Jewellery in Qatar. Just irresistible!


 * Megan Bret
 Showed her Chic and attractive swimwear, My favourite the golden one ;)

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen, the frabrics were incredibly soft.

My art, my passion, my life!
You inspire me, your personality, the way you dress, express, that is why DJ is just perfect for you!

Myself  Dalia Pineiro

When I finally reached the place, I was in shock when I saw how stunning is Dados Spa, very well known for its excellent treatments and great deals. I have tell you the design is just amazing Pink everywhere, Girly, Glamurous, Fabulous… I loved the music, the smell, the furniture, the people, the walls, and even the floor is so original; loved it, and loved it!

Wow! I can see Heba wearing Dana Jewelry, a gorgeous Turquoise berry; Fabulous!

I want to thanks Megan & Joanna (Common Thread) and Heba and Hanadi (Dados) for letting us to be part of this great event, and gave us the opportunity to show our ways of art to their special guests. The Trunk Show was a real success; I can't wait for the next one! 

A great big thank you to Roses Cupcakes for saving our lives that day, delighting us with their delicious cupcakes.

So, talking about ... Cheap and Chic... Chic? Of course all these designers are incredibly talented and deserve to be known, and cheap? oh yeah! great prices, remember they are not famous yet! ;)

Enjoy shopping!
Dalia Pineiro xx


  1. Beautiful!!! Of course Dana Jewelry rocked the most:-)!!! To bad I couldn't make it:-(, but Dubai was worth it:-)... XXX Oh, and I normally sit in that chair, where you sat on the picture, when I wait for Ginger to cut my hair...:-)

  2. You will come to the next one, as an artist Mamacita!