Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Looking for a unique jewel for a special occasion?

My dear friend Sania invited me over to take a look to her best friend's collections, “Suhara Jewel art

Suhara is a Malaysian fashion designer who founded her jewelry brand in 2007, formed by artists, designers and Craftsmen who share the same passion for jewelry.

Personally, I love to take a look of the work of others designers, which inspires me, and also makes me learn and grow as a designer. Suhara's collections are very glamorous; I adore them!

Suhara thoughts “Designing and making jewelry is something I have always wanted to do. It gives me so much pleasure to see the pieces I have designed worn by ladies, who later told me what a success the pieces were. My design philosophy is simple – updating nature inspired designs to make them more accessible and wearable in a contemporary setting” Inspiring!

She is a nature lover, and does a lot to preserve the natural environment around her and increase the awareness and importance of it through her designs.

Her designs are more desirable for those who want something unique that reflect their personality.  She uses a lot of unusual silver pieces, pearls, crystal, semi precious stones and mother of pearl sourced from all over the world.

Suhara Jewel art official Jewellery for Miss Universe 2011

My favorites:

 Coral Garden - Blue & Black Star Sapphire, 925 Silver with
Brown Galluchat/Stingray Necklace

Suhara Posh Black Galluchat/Stingray Bangle

How do I look? Well now I think I need new clothes to wear these beautiful pieces of art ;)

Suhara Jewel Art is available for now, only through private viewing. For further information please contact her Brand Ambassador in Qatar my dear friend Chrylsania G. Soerensen, Mobile: +974 33930993, e-mail: cgsoerensen@gmail.com

So, talking about  ... Cheap and Chic ... Chic? Suhara pieces are incredibly beautiful, unique and were made ​​taking care of the environment, and cheap? Their prices are very reasonable from QAR 500 to 20,000, so there is a jewel for every budget.

Enjoy shopping,

Dalia Piñeiro xx  

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  1. Love Suhara!. I just got a pair of earrings and a ring from her as a wedding present. The pieces are so spectacular that are truly for special occasions!