Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Looking for the perfect place for a makeover?

Hello my dear friends

Since I am in Doha I have been everywhere looking for hidden treasures to share with you and this is another one, but of course I have to tell you the whole story J

When I arrived in Qatar I was completely lost; I wanted to know where to buy my favorite cosmetic products, my preferred perfume, where to get my nails done, waxing, facials, etc. At that time my friends really confused me, sending me everywhere; for nails to Landmark, for waxing to City Center, for perfumes to Villaggio, for skin care to Royal Plaza, OMG!! That was pretty frustrating L L

After my first 6 months in Doha, Thanks to Dohamums, I finally found the perfect place for everything, yes! For everything: manicure, pedicure, waxing, facials, perfumes, make-ups, skincare products, and more…. all in one place “4U” at City Center.

4U” is a paradise, the place is excellent, beautiful, clean, and their services are just great! On top of that, their prices are even better! For example, before I used to pay QAR 250 for manicure and pedicure and I wasn’t entirely happy with the quality and in “4U” I pay QAR 120 for the same treatment, Can you believe it? 52% less, every time a go to 4U I just love it! Good products, great atmosphere and the prices are very reasonable, just the perfect combination!

Something very important is that the 4U team really cares about their costumers, if they have special events, new collections, and promotions or just to remind me my appointments, they always call me!  About the special events I want to let you know that they  frequently bring Skincare experts like Carla Tabet who can diagnostic your skin and recommend the right treatment “for free” and the Make-up artists are just amazing, you can try the Make- up and get few tips “for free” and try their samples; their events are open to everybody J

Carla Tabet and Vicky Simmons
Carla Tabet and Myself
Make up artist from Dubai 
Zita Labancz
And the best thing ever, yes! They have even more; for the purchase of any Skin care product you get a totally free express facial, since I bought my first cream in 4U, I have no longer have to worry about facials, isn’t it great!

So, talking about  ... Cheap and Chic ... Chic? 4U is the perfect place to find you preferred products and high quality services, and cheap? Oh Yes! Believe me their prices are very reasonable and the service is extraordinary.

Enjoy Shopping!

Dalia Piñeiro xx


  1. las mujeres con esa belleza racial y natural como tú no necesitan maquillaje para estar guapas ! ;)

  2. Gracias amiga! que linda me encanto ese cumplido :)