Thursday, 16 June 2011

Looking for exotic and sophisticated Jewelry?

Few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet Dima Rashid, a lovely person and an amazing Jewelry designer.

Dima Rashid was born in Kuwait, grew up and educated in Canada; currently she has her permanent studio in Cairo and her work and designs has been displayed in Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, United States and now in Qatar at Zai store 

Dima’s passion for ethically sourced stones makes her Jewelry beautiful and unique.

Dima’s charismatic personality is a perfect indication of how devoted she is in her work and her designs.

Her latest project has been bringing her sophisticated pieces to Qatar and I am sure will be a great success.

Interview Questions with Dima Rashid:

Where do you find your inspiration?
I find my inspiration for my collections from Ancient Egyptian and Islamic cultures.

How many pieces have you made until today?
This year I reached my 7000 pieces; all the pieces are handmade.

What are some of your favorite materials to work with and create with?
I work with all precious stones (Diamonds, emeralds, sapphire, ruby), rare material I find like fire opal or carved lavender jade, purple jade, coral and gold; always looking for new sources, new material to work with. All hand cut, my stones are 100% natural, never treated before.

Tell us about your collections
Our basic collection is “Classic” all 18-carat gold and we have the seasonal collections (Spring, summer, fall and winter), which got more color (Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, tourmalines or opals) and the couture with the Diamonds.

How all the celebrities knew about you and your jewelry?
Some of them are friends, others just a coincidence like Giselle, they were doing a shoot for the cover of Vogue and she was wearing my earrings and she wanted to own them. That was my fist international cover.

Salma Hayek was visiting in Cairo and she wanted to wear something in emeralds for a long black dress, I brought her the whole set (Earrings, rings, etc.) and she loved them.

Naomi is a friend of Queen Rania, she saw the jewelry few times, and one day a received a call from her office and I made a specific collection for her.

Eva Longoria is a close friend of Vanessa Williams; Vanessa and I are very good friends she is always wearing my jewelry. Eva started to be familiar with the brand 3 years ago when she received her first Dima from Vanessa.

Dima Jewellery is one of PASHION magazine's favorite Jewelry designers!

I love to meet talented people, they inspire me; I love my job! :)

Enjoy Shopping,

Dalia Piñeiro xx

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