Monday, 3 October 2011


“Being fashionable and helping others is Priceless”

- Dalia Piñeiro -

Is my definitely my favorite quote, is not just because is mine, but because it represents who I am, what I like, my goals and helping others is definitely the first one. I always try my very best to support as much causes as I can, in every way I can; that’s why when I know there is a charity event I am there, and I feel really miserable when I see that people sometimes do not support this kind of causes even if they can.

“A child dies every six minutes due to the Somalia famine”

- Somalis -

Is not a quote at all, is a sentence full of sadness, helplessness and hopelessness, WOW, so many cruel words to describe such a short sentence. Don’t you think?

Well, “hopelessness” not anymore, last Saturday 1st Oct Art From The Heart (a day for Somalia) an event organized by the W hotel and Qatar Charity, joined the talent of many artists (photographers, painters, jewelry designers, fashion designers and mural artists) to raise funds for this worthy cause. 

Rosalia Mcintosh
Children wall murals and face painting
Phone: 66187970

Chrylsania Goh Sørensen and Myself
Suhara Jewel Art
Brand Ambassador – Qatar

Suhara Jewelry

Sweet Moments Qatar

Party Planner - Gympanzee

Sarah Reece and her Mum
Sarah Jewellery

Latifa Al Mudahki
Moda Key

Lulu Abu Dheays Graphic Designer / Photographer
By the way, Did you notice the little ninjas? they are made of cork and hand painted (You are so talented!); my boys loved them, Thank you Lulu!

Phone: 55534533

Impression Boutique
Image by Impression

Nigel Downes with his Photo Corner, FUN portraits was an amazing way to get more donations, such a great idea, everybody enjoyed it including me :) 

‘Art for a new start’ The brainstorming corner was very productive, due to many ideas were presented by the artists and those who attended te event; that might be applied on the next events to encourage people to express their solidarity with Somalis in this case, but also with many other causes.

So, talking about  ... Cheap and Chic ... Chic? Do not forget my quote “Being fashionable and helping others is Priceless” Charity is one of the smartest ways to be Chic... and cheap? QAR 100 cheap cheap cheap cheap.

Special Thanks to Galateia Androulaki, Maha Helmi, Lamis Sabra, Maha Al Sulaiti, Nayla Ahmad and Kevin Donohue; leaders of this event, Great job, great team guys!

Enjoy helping,

Dalia Piñeiro 

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