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Dana Jewelry Exclusive Interview

Dana Jewelry exclusive interview for Glam Magazine October 2011, 
by Yousra Samir

How was Dana Jewelry born?
Dana Jewelry was born four years ago, when my dear sister Dana and I decided to turn our jewellery designs into reality. We started by making rings and we could not stop. All our friends were crazy about them and our first customer bought fourteen rings, just in one purchase, can you imagine that? Then we realized that what was happening was real and we loved it; every piece has a lot of laughs, many stories and also tears behind it, the whole process it's so emotional. That is why Dana Jewelry is so important to me, I express my love for my sister, for my family, for my life, through my jewelry, everything I make is with love and it makes you feel marvelous  gorgeous and empowered.

What made you decide to bring Dana Jewelry to Doha?
Dana Jewelry is an important part of my life and it goes with me wherever I go. I'm pretty sure that Qatar will be the cradle of fashion soon - Qataris are amazingly fashionable and with  exquisite taste and also there are lots of artists, fashion designers, jewellers, photographers, and fashion bloggers, all willing to give to this society what it demands in fashion. I can see the potential, the talent of the young entrepreneurs and of course I'm willing to be part of this fashion revolution. Doha is my destination today, though I have the intention of spreading my art throughout the world.

How has the reception of customers in Qatar been to your pieces so far?
Just wonderful! After one year I have lots of fabulous customers who are also my dear friends. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their support “THANK YOU”. I am sure I will meet more and more people who will love my jewelry as much as I do.

Have you always been creative?
Yes! Since I was a little girl I was already interested in jewelry, I used to play with beads and make jewelry for my dolls and for me. I love dancing, singing and I am also a writer by passion: I started my blog “So, cheap and chic?” which reveals all of Doha's fashion secrets.

You use many different types of semi-precious stones and beads in your designs, including Austrian Swarovski crystals, Swarovski crystal pearls, freshwater pearls, glass pearls, and Japanese glass seed beads. Where do you source them from?
I find them mostly in Southeast Asia and the Middle East; some of them are brought directly from Austria! But I'm always in search of new materials and new sources.

What is amazing about your designs is that they look chunky and heavy but when you put them on they are very light. How do you achieve this effect.
Well, part of the design came from my background as engineer (and that’s another story) I’m just applying structural engineering to my creations J

That's an interesting design concept! How do you go about choosing a theme for each collection?
So far I already I have all my ideas for my collections in my mind; I am just bringing them one by one and enhancing them with my inspiration.

Where do you find artistic inspiration?
Everywhere! I observe the people, personalities, emotions, music, color; I also look at simple things that I like. A walk at the beautiful Doha corniche inspires me too.

Has the design process taken you on many travels and if yes, to where?
I love to travel to Asia for inspiration - Singapore and its trendy society, or Hong Kong with its iconic harbor; but for my new collection I needed to reconnect with my Latin roots so I went to Venezuela and Miami Beach.

On average, how long does it take to hand-make each piece?
Well, I have pieces that can be done in few hours, but there are others like in my new collection that take much longer. I am a perfectionist and I always look for the right balance on each design that is why it is difficult to give you a precise amount of time.

Tell us about your upcoming collection.
I just can tell that my new collection is just amazing and I love it!. It will definitely make you sparkle. The Swarovski crystals will be the centre of the attention, and different shapes will be portrayed. 

Finally, what kind of future do you envision for Dana Jewelry?
I see my jewelry worn by many different women across the world, something really especial that defines, energizes, and makes them feel extraordinary. I see Dana Jewelry working hard, helping others, and our first cause is using my network to help create awareness about Autism in Qatar. 1 out of every 150 children worldwide is diagnosed with this social dysfunction. I am a co-founder of "Out of sync network" for parents with kids with special needs.That’s why “Being fashionable and helping others is priceless will always be my quote.

Dana Jewelry can be viewed at private exhibitions or trunk shows.
For more information please visit: or contact Dalia Piñeiro at +974 66980492 and

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