Sunday, 30 October 2011

Did you miss the Brazilian Carnival at Latin American Cultural festival?

Well, not for long!

The Embassy of Brazil brought especially for Qatar, the incredible artists who participated in the “Brazilian Carnival”.  The brilliant artists, who made the show possible, came from different samba schools and were carefully chosen just for the show.

The group formed by professional dancers (choreographers) and musicians; who were born with the gift of dance and music, without having studied, and today are the best in their schools. I.e. inside of the musicians had some members who could only hear the rhythm and play it back without reading a score, isn’t it amazing?

The show was created exclusively for Doha, the main idea was to show the essence and purpose of the samba, and from there the choreography and costumes were adapted to the culture of the Middle East; but always keeping the heart of the show.

La Cuica is a percussion instrument; pulling and pushing a wet clothe on the stick of bamboo produce the sound. Pressing the head with your finger near the center is possible to change the sound (the harder you press, the sound is acuter)

“La Cuica” was included as a soloist in this case to give a touch of humor to the show; it gives us the impression that it speaks, but the truth is that the instrument is an integrated part of this music.

The artists were very pleased with the reception by the Qatari people and the excellent organization by Katara.

“it was so exited to see how the audience was open to learn more about Latin American cultures and have been encouraged to make this festival and break the cultural barriers. Initially we were a bit worried about how the public would react, but in the end we were very surprised by the reaction of the audience, everyone applauded and danced, that happiness transmitted was the most important thing to us, because that was the mission of the musical.

-Brazilian Carnival performers-

The message of the carnival of Brazil to Qatar, is that they expect to be invited each year to continue the cultural exchange and if the Qataris really liked the show; they are cordially invited to visit Brazil, especially the city of samba, where you can learn much more of Brazilian culture.

So, talking about  ... Cheap and Chic ... Chic? Art, Culture, Dance, Music, Tradition, what do you think? ... and cheap? QAR 50 so so cheap! :)

Dalia Pineiro

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