Saturday, 23 April 2011

VCUQ 12th annual fashion Show

Last Wednesday, April 20th and Thursday 21st Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, presented the 12th annual fashion Show.

Allyson Vanstone (Dean) and Sandra Wilkins (Chair, fashion Design) opened the show with words full of Pride and enthusiasm, and of course, their best wishes for their 11 seniors designers  “Carla Mallari, Ahmed El Sayed, Bekita Muwangua, Dana Elhaj Ahmad, Esra Sharab, Hissa Ismail Zainal, Khaltham Daham Al-Kuwari, Modawi Mohammed Al Ansari, Reem Alhajri, Vanja Smitran and Selina Farooqui”

Who presented us their talent, inspiration, feelings, memories, vision, art, what a great job! They are brilliant and very professional; modern versions of timeless pieces, art, eccentricity and more... were shown that night.

The guest of the night Tatum Keshwar, Miss South Africa 2008 and Bongiwe Walaza, South African clothes designer, who has exhibited her designs in New York, Las Vegas, London, Milan, Switzerland, Thessalonica in Greece, Egypt, India, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

Her collection was inspired by the “Victorian era” was absolutely gorgeous
I particularly loved the High/necked Black Velvet blouse And this full skirt

My favourites senior collections were:

•  THE NOMADS by Ahmed El-Sayed

I fell in loved with this collection; the details were beautiful, the material looked luxurious. This single shoulder dress is soft, but with strong personality, all in one, just perfect for the Red carpet.

For the last design, we were impressed at Hollywood style, the model was completely covered and walked all the catwalk, the audience was on the lookout and just when she was just about to go, she took off her robe, and all we could see the designer masterpiece, Amazing!

•  CHAOS ON MUTE by Carla Mallari

Immaculate, artistic, eccentric, altogether in one piece, as the designer expressed “out of the ordinary shapes”, She definitely has created wearable art. The pieces were fun and feminine, full of energy; originality and individuality, best describe Carla Mallari Couture. So unique!

•  TOUCHE DE BLEU by Dana Elhaj Ahmad

Her Collection has the sparkles that every woman need, the embellished Royal Blue glittering details were elegant, romantic and pretty. For work or for a party, this collection has it all covered.

* Dana was awarded with The Golden Needle award, for Most Outstanding Double Major. Congratulations!

•   CLASIC KILIM by Esra Sharab

The beauty was breathtaking in this collection, glamour, ethnicity, and wearability, just perfect!

* Esra was awarded with The Golden Needle award, for Most Outstanding Senior.

•  LIFE IS A SHOW by Hissa Ismail Zainal

Ringmasters, Mimes and clowns costumes were the inspiration and the key for this outrageous collection, black, white and bold colours worked perfectly together, it was definitely a great show!

* Hissa was awarded with The Golden Needle award, for Best Senior Collection.

•  THE NATURE OF CHANGE by Selina Farooqui

With a combination of earth tones and sparkles, beautiful details like the intricate stone neckline, that was very well placed, Love it! Selina conveyed us her energy, heart and spirit, giving us sophistication and wearability!

* Selina was awarded with The Golden Needle award, for Outstanding Fashion Student, and also got a sponsor (W hotel) Very well done Selina!

Furthermore, were awarded Dana Masoud for Most Outstanding Children’s Wear, Yang Soon Ju for Most Outstanding Junior Collection, These collections were so cute!

 Of course, this model is the best of the best, Way to go Nicola, Dear Stella I can see a great future here, thanks for bringing me that night. Besitos!

 So, talking about Cheap and Chic....Chic? of course, all these collections were extraordinary, just fabulous! And Cheap? oh yeah! The fashion show was free.

The seniors designers will be showcasing their collections straight off the runway at Moda Key till Monday 26th. You will get a chance to speak to the designers themselves, check out their work and place your orders. via Nomad*
Enjoy your shopping!

Dalia xx

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